“Chief Counsel’s Report” Means Put Gulf Back to Work

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Earlier this month, Oil Spill Commission Chief Counsel Fred Bartlit released a new report detailing the April 20 disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Key findings of the report include:

  • An unclear chain of command, poor risk management and a communication breakdown specifically attributable to the Deepwater Horizon led to an environment aboard the rig conducive of an accident.
  • A failure to disseminate crucial information, and a tendency to explain alarming onsite test results as the best possible scenario, with no clear supervision to correct this, led directly to the uncontrolled well blowout.

From these revelations, even from this overtly political commission, it is clear that this isolated incident can be attributed to one company’s failure to adhere to well-understood industry norms.

Click here to read the report in its entirety.

This report comes to light as Interior Department head Ken Salazar is set to ask Congress for more money for Interior.  Yet the Obama Administration’s continued moratorium on offshore drilling affects the $95 million paid into the federal treasury every day by the oil and gas industry.  Increased energy production grows the economy, reduces the federal deficit (without raising taxes), and increases employment.  Why does the Obama Administration continue to obstruct and prevent energy production in the Gulf of Mexico?

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