• President Not Capitalizing on Jobs Opportunities

    Early reports indicate that President Obama will focus his State of the Union speech on the need to create jobs for Americans, but his words are largely hollow as many of his actual policies do the exact opposite. Look no further than the energy sector to get a glimpse of the job-killing agenda the Administration […]

  • Analysis: Oil and Gas Job Opportunities Up Despite Recession

    The Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc (EMSI), an organization which “serves education, economic, and workforce development institutions and organizations” according to their website, recently released some interesting data in an analysis of the fastest growing occupations. Their research revealed that six of the top eight fastest growing U.S. jobs on their list were energy related, and […]

  • Machinist Gets Screwed…(first by BP, then by Admin)
  • Press Release: Irresponsible Speculation Threatens Thousands of Gulf Jobs

    Oil Spill Commission final report verifies BP made missteps, but threatens whole industry Washington, D.C. – The President’s National Oil Spill Commission released its final report today into the causes of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf. The report cites reckless behavior in the design, operation, and management of the well as the […]

  • The Corner Cutting Culture

    Overview of BP’s Safety Record For years leading up to the spill in the Gulf, BP routinely disregarded standard industry safety protocols and cut operational corners. The result was an environment where the question of major accidents became ‘when’, not ‘if’. Had BP been more focused on quality of work and employee safety, not only […]

  • White House Jobs Numbers an Economic Modeling Blunder

    A White House report from early September on the economic impacts of the offshore drilling moratorium at first glance appears to confirm job loss predictions made by LSU Professor, Dr. Joseph Mason earlier this year.  However, a closer examination reveals that the White House report strays from the government’s own best practices set by the Bureau of Economic […]